Crafting Cornish chocolate moments

Cornwall is where my heart is and my passion is great tasting chocolate! Growing up on my family farm, I had an idyllic childhood filled with memorable moments, most of which were simple pleasures in the beautiful landscape of Cornwall. Today, I live to create new memories with loved ones and I’d like to think that my chocolate will become part of those experiences - celebrating life’s sweet and delicious moments!

My thanks to St Ives based illustrator Joanne Barry, for helping to make my Cornish chocolate moments come to life!

Simply Milk Chocolate
Simply Milk
76% Dark Chocolate
76% Dark
Milk Chocolate with Bluberries & Hazlenuts
Milk Chocolate with
Blueberries & Hazlenuts
Milk Chocolate with Cornish Sea Salt & Caramel
Milk Chocolate with
Cornish Sea Salt & Caramel